The University of Babylon is the first Iraqi university to implement an integrated technical method for transitioning from traditional public administration to digital e-governance (G2C-G2G-G2E). The Web Development Unit at the University Chancellery is in charge of the continuous development of the university’s infrastructure in terms of information technology. This includes not only the development of sites and systems, but also the strengthening ofnetworks and servers using the technology necessary to support continuous development. The e-governance program is subject to the direct supervision ofthe University Chancellor. On behalf of the University of Babylon, the Chancellor stated that all systems making up the e-governance infrastructure should be open sourced so as to be shared with Iraqi educational institutions that are willing to cooperate, considering it a contribution to the Iraqi Higher Education sector and the field of information technology as a whole. If you are part of such an organization and interested in sharing experiences, please contact us.

Researches Repository

Research Evaluation System for Scopus and Clarivate

Department of Scientific Affairs

Patent Administration

Patent Registration System

Department of Scientific Affairs

Curriculum system

The system of curriculum management

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The system of dissertations and theses

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Department of Scientific Affairs

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Department of Scientific Affairs

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Undergraduate Administration System

Department of Admission and Student Affairs

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University ID Cards Issuance System

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